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"Stephen and I have worked in parallel many time in the professional veterinary nursing field. Most recently since my transplant to the SF Bay Area, I have felt fortunate to have easier access to his knowledge and met many who can build on my recommendation from working side by side with his skill set. The attitude and energy with which Mr. Cital exhibits is contagious and can be see in the evolving drive and skillset of those who work for him and those of us who are long term colleagues. Stephen seems to always be pushing the envelope in the very best way, seeking more information, better techniques and even unique adventures for those he calls friends by including us in his life and follies. I would without hesitation consider Stephen one of the very best examples in veterinary medical nursing today and as a solid contributor for many years to come." 
- Christine M. Crick CVT RVT VTS (Anes)(ECC) RVN
Regional Technical Development Coordinator - VCA Inc; VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center
"Best speaker of all my sessions! So engaging, personable, great useable information presented. Makes me want to learn more about lab animal medicine and I'm totally not into this subject...." - 2017 WVC Conference Attendee
"Great speaker, very engaging, very knowledgeable in the subject. Would love to attend another lecture from this speaker." - 2017 WVC Conference Attendee


2017 California RVT of the year award!!


2019 VMX Speaker of the year award!!


"My absolute favorite lecture in my 11 years as an LVT."  - Jesse Lee 2018

"Stephen was the most intriguing speaker of the conference. I found myself wanted to go to his lectures simply because it was him presenting, even if the subject matter wasn't my number one choice. And I enjoyed his music selections prior to his presentations."  - 2018 AVMA attendee

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