Here are a few things that I love and have used in practice or for business. #notarep #justafan



The MASIMO iSpO2 adapter for your smart phone. I have used this device on cats, dogs, pigs, chimps, sheep and rabbits.

Are you ready for a revolution in SpO2 monitoring? Here it is! The Rad-7 measures not only the Pulse and SpO2, but total hemoglobin, methemoglobin, carboxyhemoglobin, persufion index (so I can get an idea as to peripheral perfusion or when my epidural has kicked in), pleth variability index ( to check the responsiveness of my patient to fluid therapy), total oxygen content and the amazing acoustic respiratory monitor (reads RR by placing the sensor over the trachea instead of at the end of an ETT). 

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Check out my newest invention! A Blood filter that creates less cell damage and can be used with syringe pumps!


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