Cannabis in the human and veterinary medical field is one of the hottest topics at the moment. The benefits of medical cannabis are numerous and I am a huge proponent of responsible use in animals. I formerly served as a Scientific Advisory Member for PhytoAnimal Health and am currently the Director of Education and Development for ElleVet Sciences. I am also the co-Founder of the Veterinary Cannabis Academy and consultant/research librarian for where we strive to teach veterinarians and staff about safe and appropriate use based on scientific evidence. It has become a passion of mine to continue to research safe and effective uses of plant derived products to better the lives of all animal patients. Because the data is changing so quickly, if you have questions about cannabis in animals please email. I can also provide you with the place and date for one of the many conferences I will be speaking at on the topic. 

If you are a pet owner and interested in exploring cannabis therapy please schedule a consult through  

I am incredibly excited to announce that I, along side Dr. Casara Andre and Liz Hughston will be co-editing a textbook titled “Veterinary Cannabis Therapy”, to be published by the one and only Springer Nature! We have amassed a list of the top veterinary and human practitioners and researchers to contribute. Our goal is to collect and share the evidence in research animals and companion animals on the potential of cannabis as a legitimate therapy. We anticipate publication in late 2019, maybe early 2020. Cheers!

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Part 2

Why I chose ElleVet. Going from clinical practice for the last 15 years to industry was not an easy decision. I already miss the nursing aspect and loving on all the patients in the hospital. But I made this tough decision, and I don’t regret it one bit, here’s why. I seem to have made a bit of name for myself in this space and am a 100% believer these molecules in these plants can help many different things. The problem I was having being a believer was finding a product I could fully trust and feel good about recommending to our beloved pets. I noticed ElleVet a couple of years ago after a friend had mentioned they were doing a study at Cornell University. From there, I approached them and asked for more information. I was so impressed with their dedication to science, safety, and quality I knew this was the company I could get behind and use the little notoriety I have to help support. I was even more excited after seeing their formula- it is a standout product as far as cannabinoid and terpene profile. All too often in this market, we see a misunderstanding of people thinking all CBD products are the same, and dosing can be extrapolated from one brand to another. This is NOT the case and ElleVet, so far, is the only company that has the science to prove efficacy and dosing. So, in April of 2019, I started with ElleVet full time as the Director of Education and Development where I can continue my mission of education veterinary professionals about this wonderful plant and am involved in the continued dedication to science and product improvement. My integrity as a professional educator and caregiver is critical, so this decision was huge. I am happy to report I feel I have made the correct decision to work for ElleVet and promise to keep elevating the standards in this industry with ElleVet leading the way.
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