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What's around the corner:


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Research in Progress:


“Noninvasive Monitoring Techniques in Primates: Efficacy of Pulse Co-Oximetry for Hb, MetHb and COHb” –Alternate PI


“Noninvasive Monitoring Techniques in Domestic Small Animals: Efficacy of Pulse Co-Oximetry for Hb, MetHb and COHb” – Primary Investigator


“Creating a Reference Variable for Pleth Variability Index in the Rhesus Macaque” –Alternate PI


“Creating a Reference Variable for Perfusion Index in the Rhesus Macaque” –Alternate PI


“Validating the Acoustic Respiratory Monitor and Hemoglobin on the Masimo Radical 7 for Clinical use in the Rhesus Macaque” –Alternate PI


“Group Wide Welfare Implications of Canine Crown Reduction and Canine Blunting of Adult Male Rhesus Macaques in Large Group Housing Situations”


  - 1st Abstract submitted for 2014 National AAALAS poster presentation


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