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Things I can do for you and your practice!


I love to teach and make things better, be it your staff or technique. I have multiple different areas I can be of assistance. Check them out!

In house staff training

I have been fortunate to work in some pretty sophisticated environments but feel a good foundation in basic skills is what helped me succeed. Let me show your staff some of those foundations with a little mixing of advanced technical skills as well.

 Anesthetic Monitoring (routine to neuro, critical condition and emergency)

Surgical Preparation

Aseptic Technique

Intubation (wide array of species)

IV catheterization, including jugular, arterial and intra-cath placement

Femoral and carotid sheath placement

Intra-osseous catheterization

General Veni puncture

Anesthesia and Critical Care ventilators

Urinary catheterization, male and female for multiple species

Drug calculations/ Administration

Radiology and Ultrasound

Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy, Laparoscopic and Arthroscopic setup, cleaning and maintenance

Blood typing/cross matching

Bandaging and applying casts

Emergency and critical care of patients

Arterial line placement/ Invasive blood pressure monitoring and setup, including cut downs with ligation

CVP monitoring

Using a ventilator in ICU and surgical settings

TPN, PPN administration and nursing care

CRI dosage calculations

Blood transfusion collection and administration

Critical Care Nursing

Surgery and other expert technical services

This section is focused for the research orientated folk. I have extensive experience in minor to moderately invasive surgical procedures and would love to help you and your project! My surgical experience includes but is not limited to:

Digit/tail amputation, P, R

SQ device implant P, S, O, L, R

Vaginal and cervical biopsy P

Laparoscopic assistance including trocar placement P, S

Laparotomy & Thoracotomy P, S,C,O

Tracheotomy P, S, C, R, L

Various dental surgical extractions C, P

GI biopsy using endoscopy P, C

Skin and Muscle closer P, C, S, O, L, R

Fluoroscopy guided catheterization of coronary, renal, carotid and femoral arteries S, O, C

Chest/peg/J/tracheal and esophageal tube placement, care and maintenance C, P

Lymph node biopsy P, C

CSF taps P, L, C

Stereo tax placement trained P

Skin grafting P, C

Joint taps P, C

Vital pulpotomy P, C

AV graft and aneurysm creation S, O, C

Interventional work S, O, C

P=Primate model S=Swine model O= Sheep Model C=Canine model L=Rabbit model R= Rodent model M=Multiple Species other than listed


Let me help you go over a project protocol. I have a keen eye for project feasibility and patient management for chronic procedures with particular interest in anesthesia and pain management.


Expert Interviews

Formula Creation

Device Creation






*VSPN, NAVTA, and IVAPM Speakers Bureau member

Speaker for Pfizer, Elanco, Aratana, Masimo, Practivet

Topics are now limited to anesthesia, pain management and cannabinoid therapy in companion and exotic animals. 


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